Launched  by several engineers from Silicon Valley of northern California in 2005, MVSILICON(Shanghai Mountain View Silicon Co., Ltd.) is a fabless IC design company with operation in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China. Every year MVSILICON shipped tens of millions of high quality and cost effective 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs for audio control, sound processing, wireless and IoT applications.


8-bit 8051 series
:   8-bit 8051-core MCU/Decoder ( family, gift and car audio player and controller)
     AU6850C (MP3 decoder and Audio DAC, Slave-mode and MASK-ROM IC, NO software development needed,
                    esay system integration,
 controlled by external host-MCU through UART, support SD/USBH 2.0F) 
     AU7860  (MP3 + WMA           + Audio DAC + SD+ OTG2.0F 64KB OTP)
     AU6210  (MP3 + FM Receiver + Audio DAC + SD + OTG2.0F 32KB OTP)
     AU6860  (MP3                       + Audio DAC + SD + OTG2.0F + 32KB OTP)

Audio Effect DSP series:  
    DU361(3D, MVBass®) 
    DU360 (dbx-tv® Total Technology(TM))  
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32-bit Cortex-M3 series:  32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 MCU ( complex audio, wireless applicaiton and IoT controller )

   Audio Application Processor:
       AP80A0, AP8064, AP8048
       BM5064-based Bluetooth music module
    M3 Generic MCU: 



Shanghai Mountain View Silicon Co., Ltd.
Suite 4C, Building 3,
1238 Zhangjiang Rd., Pudong,
Shanghai, 201203,
People's Republic of China


Email:   john@
Phone: 86-21-68549851 Ext.111

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